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Life after 9/11

The horrific terrorist act of 9/11 has redefined the way we live in the future world. This incident has impacted everybody’s life, directly and indirectly. It’s a fact that with due course of time, we will be used to some of that impacts and will take them as life as usual.

There will be a continuous increasing trend of more background checks, more verifications, more biometric recordings for all people travelling to various countries. Unfortunately, this is currently being applied more on Asians – but I have a feeling that this will spread across other citizens, keeping in view the gradual spread of extreme thinking across countries.

Whenever we do an international travel, we will continue to face additional security measures, liquids in checked in baggages, extra immigration measures and so on. Even we can face sniffer dogs, radioactive searches – nothing will look odd in the modern life.

All names like Khan’s, Ahmed’s’ etc will be subject to more scrutiny and checks. I have even seen one innocent 25 year old TCS employee having surname Aslam denied a US visa just because his name appears to be in a “hot list”. I heard in the consulate that there will be a 4 weeks investigation and background check before his L1 visa can be processed. Because of this delay, he mentioned that his chance in getting into the project will just disappear – but no negotiations on this topic was entertained.

Whether we like it or not, whether we deny or not, we will be eyeing our co-passengers, people across us with suspicion, specially if they carry a brown skin and has resemblance to a particular community. The trust will be lost, we will think ‘is he one of them’ and will try our best to disappear from the near vicinity of those persons.

Any unattended briefcase, luggage will call for a mini panic. We will see sniffer dogs, bomb-disposal squads very soon in those places. And we will again try our best to go as far as possible from the spot where these objects are lying unattended.

All “hoax” terror mails will be treated with utmost importance and will trigger lot of action from the local authorities. This is simply because the qualification of the mail to be a “hoax” cannot be determined at the time when the mail is received.

War on terror will be one of the main focus areas for all countries. There will be more international cooperation in the area of intelligence sharing than ever before. Budget for equipping certain special forces will go up and we will see an increasing growth of arms and weapons market.

Our lives are changing after 9/11 and that will continue to change in the future …. of course, there is a saying that the only thing that is constant in life is change.

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It’s yesterday, once more ..

It’s yesterday, once more ….
Not a Carpenters special
Another incident of terrorist attack
Another incident of loss of life
Another incident of tears from loved ones
It’s yesterday, once more …

It’s yesterday, once more …
Not a Carpenters special
We ‘spend’ billions in scams and corruption
We ‘spend’ several hours in passing the buck
We ‘spend’ efforts to take political mileage
It’s yesterday, once more …

It’s yesterday, once more …
Not a Carpenters special
Value of life is so ‘cheap’
Our expression of helplessness is so ‘cheap’
Our excuses are so ‘cheap’
It’s yesterday, once more …

It’s yesterday, once more …
Not a Carpenters special
We say ‘no’ to pointed questions on safety
We say ‘no’ to execution of proven terrorists
We say ‘no’ to a strong political will
It’s yesterday, once more …

The mighty cannot protect the common man
The mighty cannot assert himself in international forum on this issue
The mighty cannot have enough intelligence
The mighty cannot hit back if slapped
The mighty cannot act except making speeches
The mighty cannot learn from mistakes
The mighty cannot stop spending millions on entertainment to divert funds on security measures
The mighty cannot say “enough is enough”

The mighty can only say ‘It’s yesterday, once more …”

When will the day come to show your inner strength
When will the day come to act and stop talking
When will the day come to spend money where it’s absolutely needed
When will the day come to give exemplary punishment to the guilty
When will the day come to execute justice in months and not years
When will the day come for us to say “yes, we are free !”

When can we say – its not yesterday, its a new tomorrow !

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