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Exploiting the technology addiction


There has been a huge advancement in mobile technology in the last few years which will definitely change our lives – both our personal and professional worlds. People have realised the tremendous positive impact of the mobile and across the world, we have seen a lot of enthusiasm and excitement in embracing new technology and new devices. Needless to mention, this adoption is also taxing the common man’s wallet as most of the latest gadgets are quite costly if you have to keep in touch with the latest functionalities and the latest designs. But the enticement of the adoption of the positives are currently outweighing the burden on the wallet. Hence the generation who is excited on the big potential of the world of possibilities using mobiles and tablets are also getting addicted towards this technology. The seduction is obvious and we are also witnessing a huge number of technology addicts !

This is where the big corporates lick their lips with lot of glee and lot of lust to exploit these addicts. Let me give an example – let’s see the brief history of the phenomenon called iphone : the first version of the iphone came up in 2007 with features that will make the current generation laugh. In a span of 4 years, we are now into the version of 4G and probably waiting for another revolution called iphone-5. In-between came at least 4 to 5 models with varied capacities and functionalities to entice the consumers. I do not have the price charts but I am sure each of the launches were priced at around 350-400$. And if you try to find the price of the original version of the iphone which got launched in 2007, the chances are that you will get that version at the price of scrap!

PS: if you are interested to know the evolution of the iphone, suggest to go to the below site for a simple interactive description:

What does this mean to people like you or me ? If you have become technology addicts, you would have shelled out an amount of 2000$ on a device which will make your life exciting. Or if you manage to control the lust for the device, you will continue to stare at the devices every time you pass the retail store and everytime you have to take a deep breath to control that urge to bring out your wallet. Though I have no data points or have any proof, I have a feeling that the big corporations do not tend to bring the changing features in one shot by launching a model say every 2-3 years instead of launching devices with few delta functionalities every 8 months. This is because they can coerce money out of the consumers for each of the new models simply because the people have become addicts.

When you become an addict, you tend to be desperate to meet your requirements at any cost. For that you may even go for some expensive loans just to meet the price of an expensive device which you cannot afford to buy at that point of time. You then try to justify why you need that device – you will explain yourself that you need a blackberry for office use, iphone for personal use, ipad for general browsing, laptop for personal work, a smart tv for entertainment,  etc etc. The list simply grows and grows. Add to the fact that there are so many companies bringing out similar devices with little difference in the features. You will hear discussions that iphone has a better camera, HTC has an unique HTC sense, Samsung has a better screen display, etc etc. The choices are huge and hence the lure to buy several devices in a span of say six months is quite high.

I have actually seen lot of the younger generation spending big amounts on the latest models every three months just to be in touch with the latest happenings, irrespective of the fact whether they do really need the latest devices or not. It is upto us only to have that control and ask the question whether we really need an expensive device or not – otherwise we run the risk of spending a lot of our hard earned money on something that we could have lived without !


The world will be all mobile !

Mobile with virtual key board on any flat  surface

Mobile with virtual key board on any flat surface

If you see the above picture, this actually shows a fantastic innovation where from a device, you are getting a virtual key board appearing on any flat surface, which can communicate with a mobile and hence help in faster, easier usage just like a full-fledged QWERTY keyboard.

I personally believe that the definition of a “conventional” office is under threat – office can now mean any place in the world, whether you are at your home, or in a multiplex, or in a restaurant or even your toilet :-) All that is possible just because of the innovations like what is depicted in the picture and the huge advancement of technology in the mobile / smart phone arena.

I think the following parameters will transform how we define ‘work’ – whether in offices or even how we do our personal work :

– speedy access to internet with adequate bandwidth through 3G, 4G, 5G’s
– advancement of cloud usage, whether in private of public domain
– enhanced security issues surrounding internet access, specially from a cloud perspective
– growth of battery back-up innovations – smaller, lighter batteries with lot of back-up power
– finally the innovations as depicted in the picture which will ease usage of typing, editing, reviewing, presenting through virtual screens, keyboards, etc

The usage of smart-phones have increased many folds and that has made life quite easy and accessible. You can remain connected, write mails or posts (like what I am doing now) on the fly, video calls with friends, relatives, clients; doing online transactions – whether be it buying some stocks or transferring money from your bank account to your parents; buy tickets to the latest destination or the recent movie; play games and relax when you want to, chat with friends located thousands of miles away from you; check the latest score by watching live TV; checking on breaking news; etc, etc. You can do all this NOW !

With the maturity and innovative developments, I am sure very soon you can review complicated power point presentations or documents on a ‘big’ virtual screen with a full QWERTY ‘virtual’ keyboard even though your mobile screen is very very small. You should be able to perform video conferences with multiple people without worrying about speed, battery back-up. We are in the middle of this transformation and anyone who is working in mobile technology or others who are associated with anything that’s mobile (like me, as an user) are witness to a major global revolution !

The world will be all mobile ! And very soon …

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